Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)

Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)


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Russell (Russ) Founder, Website creator.

Hi I'm Russell(Russ)

I had my first Paranormal experience when I was 5 years old and from then it became a regular encounter for me. As I grew up the more I was able to channel my abilities ,I can sense the presence of the Paranormal and use many different methods to communicate with the spirit realm.

At the age of 15 I shut myself off from the Paranormal world and had a troubled time of life,After moving away from home at the age of 20 I reconnected myself to the Paranormal.

Why do I investigate the paranormal?

Ever since I was 5 years old when I had my first experience of the paranormal ( seeing and having conversations my nan who passed away before i was born sat on the end of my bed) it has been an interest of mine to find answers although the term Paranormal is just a "Umbrella" for all things unexplainable for me my focus of the paranormal is the spiritual and "ghost" side of things, searching for signs of the afterlife and evidence of spiritual existence. 

Some of my experiences have been small from seeing spirit figures in the shadows and some have been more advanced,

As a team our last investigation took use to an ancient hill fort the start of the night was quite and disturbed by the neighbouring military flying. As the night got darker and colder the atmosphere shifted and i felt a strong connection with a little girl whilst we was investigating the remains of a round house within the inner keep of the site we moved to another location within the keep an area we assume would have housed the church whilst at this spot the connection with the little girl suddenly changed to that of what i can only assume was her father and the connection was so strong that my entire persona changed almost like my spirit had entered limbo and the male spirit had occupied its place on a tempory basis (colleges dan and kym can tell you more from their point of view) at one point dan went for a walk around the site alone and thought he was having a conversation with me however i was not there, this is lead me to believe that he was seeing my spirit whilst it was in limbo, later whilst he was away walking further around the site i asked kym to contact him via the radio to check on him as i had a strange feeling that there was something/someone following him, his response was that he was ok but felt like something was following him but kym didnt sense any of this at the time which is unusual as myself and kym tend to pick up on things in different ways either at the same time or close to when one or the other has sensed something.

Kym. Founder, pagan, audio/visual analyser of our evidence.

Hi, I’m kym

I have been able to see and speak to spirit since I was a child. I have many skills and talents. As a practicing pagan I use a multitude of ways to communicate with spirit and the majority of the time it is confirmed with the gizmos and gadgets we use on investigations. I am a certified tarot reader and hold a diploma in Demonology but I am not a demonologist I call myself an energy empath as I read energies and auras. Being a founder of P.A.S.S has given me the encouragement to use my gifts and to really become who I am.

 My first experience with the paranormal was when I followed my grandad into a shop even though he had died three weeks earlier. This started my quest to find out more.

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Dan. Founder, the gadgets man.

Hi I'm Dan,

I've had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember and had some possible experiences at a young age. My first tangible experience was when I was 18 and staying overnight at a friend's house, which was old converted farm buildings. I woke in the night to find a man in a white shirt and dark trowsers stood by my bed, just staring at the wall. 

Naturally I was initially terrified, to the point where I was unable to move my hand to switch the light on. After a short while my fear subsided, this was the point at which the man looked down at me and smiled!

That was enough for me to think "nope" so i turned over and eventually went back to sleep.

In the morning i told my friends what I'd experienced, this prompted them to only then telle of all the experiences they and other people had in the house, there was quite a lot!

So, interest peaked even more, I've been researching and learning as much as i can on the subject, and a few years ago was lucky enough to meet Russ and Kym, like-minded people who shared my outlook and ethics in investigating the paranormal, we formed P.A.S.S. and with our combined knowledge and experience we've been able to visit some incredible haunted locations and capture lots of convincing evidence..

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 you will find not only still photos but also be able to watch video footage and video clips of our audio evp's all our evidence is property of P.A.S.S captured by us or members who have been on investigations with us and all the evidence posted to our website will also allow for comments which you as the viewer can post you opinion however any abusive/foul language found in the comments will be removed. 
Paranormal and spirit seekers