Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)

Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)



Guest review from Paranormal talk and walk conducted by the team in October 2019 at Avebury.

I found the talk very interesting, it opened up my eyes to an area I have not considered much. I was intrigued by my friend taking part in the human pendulum experiment. I do have a interest in ufology and in the higher realms and would rather focus on them then the lower realms of trapped souls/personalities however

Thank you for your time!

Review From Jane,events organiser at the Henge Shop.

Back in October 2019 the team was invited to take part in the samhain celebration at one of the local shops in Avebury,Jane who organistedbthe event kind wrote a review for us which can bee seen in the picture on the left it reads the following...

Jane Easton.

Event Organizer,

The Henge Shop,



During the Samhain period the PA.S.S. team paid a visit to the Heng Shop in Avebury as part of a Halloween Ghost Tour in the village and to investigate any signs of supernatural presence within the area.

Several members of the Henge staff and the public came along to see what was on offer. Plenty as it turned out!

The P.A.S.S. Team brought a long all the relevant equipment required for such an evening including many stories of their own experiences…..They also brought a long some ghostly happenings too!

Their interaction, knowledge, patience with the Q’s& A’s, historical background of Avebury, alternative theories for each phenomena, how to use the equipment, which we all had a go of, and a good grounding of common sense made of an enjoyable evening………. with a few frights and high-speed runs on my part!

The team are worth an evening with and if you’ve never had a go at seeing the unseen, P.A.S.S. will give you a memorable experience.

Have a spooky good time……………….

Review from Claire.

Claire join the team for an investigation at Woodchester mansion having previous experience as part of a team it was good for us to have Claire along as we was able to discuss different techniques and tools we use for investigations.

clicking the picture you can see the review Claire has kindly written for the team.

review reads.

I went to Woodchester Mansion with P.A.S.S and had a great night. The 3 of them are such a close knit team. Not often do you see a team who work and play together so well. It was a pleasure to see and be part of for the night. 

A very well organised and prepared team. They brought great snacks which is always good on a night of investigating. 

They are a great laugh but know when to be serious and concrete on the investigation. 

I've been to this venue a few times but this was probably my favourite investigation there. The team and the small amount of us made it a great night. 

I certainly would investigate again with this team.

Are you curious?  Does the paranormal peak your interest?

Does the paranormal peak your interest are you looking to join a team or an investigation to be apart of? Have you got a story of your own paranormal experience you would like to share or perhaps you have a question to ask? Then why not get in contact with the team today and one of us will get back to you as quickly as we possibly can.
Paranormal and spirit seekers