Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)

Paranormal and spirit seekers (P.A.S.S)


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 you will find not only still photos but also be able to watch video footage and video clips of our audio evp's all our evidence is property of P.A.S.S captured by us or members who have been on investigations with us and all the evidence posted to our website will also allow for comments which you as the viewer can post you opinion however any abusive/foul language found in the comments will be removed. 


Guest review from Paranormal talk and walk conducted by the team in October 2019 at Avebury.

I found the talk very interesting, it opened up my eyes to an area I have not considered much. I was intrigued by my friend taking part in the human pendulum experiment. I do have a interest in ufology and in the higher realms and would rather focus on them then the lower realms of trapped souls/personalities however

Thank you for your time!

Paranormal and spirit seekers