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20 Aug 2019
Pre investigation snap form 19-08-2019
Pre investigation snap form 19-08-2019

Last nights investigation 

So last night(19-08-2019) the team had an investigation at a local hotel in Wiltshire which hold alot of history first as a hostel in 900AD before becoming established as 1 of 4 Inn houses of the local area its has plad host to the likes of Charles Dickens who based one of his books on the Inn and also Sir william Beckett who used the Inn for one of his locations to plan for battle during the civil war...with plenty of history and only ever being investigated once before we had an interesting night ahead two of our sensory members picked up on multiple spirit presence before our investigation began and the team also had an unusual experience upon which all 4 of our members was experiencing the effects in different ways from the same spiritual entity whilst holding our team meeting.later on we had plenty of spirit box activity hits on the K2 meter and Emf meters and we finally tested the home made rempod with a successful outcome.
Russ champ Founder/lead Investigator