Paranormal And Spirit Seekers {P.A.S.S}

Paranormal And Spirit Seekers {P.A.S.S}


Meet the team.

Russ Champ..Founder/Lead Investigator ,Website designer and admin

Hi I'm Russell(Russ) I had my first Paranormal experience when I was 5 years old and from then it became a regular encounter for me. As I grew up the more I was able to channel my abilities ,I can sense the presence of the Paranormal and use many different methods to communicate with the spirit realm.

At the age of 15 I shut myself off from the Paranormal world and had a troubled time of life.

After moving away from home at the age of 20 I reconnected myself to the Paranormal.

My first full investigation was with the team at Shepton mallet, although I have done small investigations on my own in the past I find having a team around you helps channel abilities, I couldn't asked for a better team to have around me and think the team are an excellent and professional group and enjoy doing investigations into the paranormal with each member and gathering evidence to share with others.

Kym Thompson..Founder,Lead Investigator/pagan witch/demonologist and analyst.

Hi, I’m kym I am a practicing pagan. I have empathic abilities and can sense spirit. I read tarots and use a majority of ways to speak with spirit. I have been interested in the paranormal field since i was a young girl. My first experience with the paranormal was when I followed my grandad into a shop even though he had died three weeks earlier. This started my quest to find out more.

I have a diploma in demonology,I am a certified tarot card reader and offer over the phone sessions at £10 per reading please email me to make arrangements

Dan Lagor..Founder,Lead Investigator and Gadet man

Hi I'm Dan, I've had a keen interest in the paranormal from an early age, had my first tangible experience when I encountered an unknown man at a friend's house who made eye contact and smiled. This just piqued my interest even more and have been keeping my eyes and ears open since and now, with this team we're actively seeking out real evidence of the paranormal.

Is the paranomal something for you

Are you interested in the Paranormal?

Looking to start investigating but not sure where to begin? 

Have you had your own Paranormal experience and want to tell someone about it?

Are you looking to become part of a team able to drive and based in Wiltshire or surrounding area? 

Why not drop us an email or message us on Facebook all details are available on the contact page.

As a team we are always open to meeting new people and would consider having new people join the team or come on an investigation with us.

Our team business cards
Our team business cards

Always searching

As a team we are always looking for locations to investigate and venturing into new things.

Do you have a location you'd like us to investigate,private dwelling,place of work,abandoned locations then please do contact us.

Our pics and videos gathered

Our evidence vault 

On this page you will see all photos and videos of evidence we have been able to capture during our investigations.

Russ champ Founder/lead Investigator