Paranormal And Spirit Seekers {P.A.S.S}

Paranormal And Spirit Seekers {P.A.S.S}


Testimonies from places we investigated and people who've had readings done by Kym.

Reading testimony.

Testimony from Lesley.

I had a really good reading from Kym Thompson last night. Spot on for alot of it and some bits too close for comfort! Thanks ever so much lovely, your a star! X 

Review from guest of P.a.s.s. Paranormal talk & ghost walk 26th October 2019

Thank u so much for the ghost walk and really detailed talk at Avebury last night 😁 I learnt a lot and listening to kym has made me see there r people out there like me 🙊 
Just a idea, could u do a night at the henge shop ?!! I felt things in there without doing anything 🤪 would be amazing !
Such a great , friendly team 
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 again 
Nicola x

Comments left in the teams guest book from our Paranormal talk/ghost walk on 26th October 2019

I found the talk very interesting.It opened my eyes up to an area which I have not considered much, I was intrigued by my friend taking part on the human pendulum experiment. I do have more of an interest in ufology and in the higher realms and would rather focus on that then on the lower realms of trapped souls/personalities however Thank you for your time.

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