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Paranormal And Spirit Seekers {P.A.S.S}


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23 Sep 2020

Corona restrictions

So with the pandemic still out there and the risks constantly changing as Paranormal investigators it makes things difficult however er are always on the look out for new locations and places to investigate.

Recently the team had a get together for a team meeting and to go through the evidence we have gathered so far from all our previous outings and have added some more to the evidence vault with more to follow..

We are also in the process of discussing a new venture of hosting events where all proceeds will go to charities of the venues choosing but thats still in discussion so wait for more on that to follow that subject.

Keep your eyes posted for more updates on the blog and on our Facebook page.

Love and light from the P.A.S.S team

21 Mar 2020

what have we been up too?

well its been a while since we have done an update on our blog and we apologies things have been keeping us busy both with normal every day lives and the paranormal world.

looking back at what we have been up to starting with 2019.

back in October 2019 the team hosted our first small event which included a paranormal talk and presentation followed by a ghost walk and investigation with our guest the night was cold and during the presentation/talk we was having some minor activity within the location

during the walk/investigation after some great evidence was captured from activity on the spirit box/EVP recordings to footage caught using the thermal imagine device and full spectrum camera.

you may also recall in November we conducted a joint investigation with Morris and Anderson paranormal team and going back through the evidence has brought us some interesting result from the EVP's.

following our joint investigation the team founders conducted an investigation and cleansing of a private residence within the military married quarters throwing up some good result and the cleansing performed by founder Kym and the advice left with the owners proved to be successful. 

during the Christmas season the team spent time with our families and friends.

fast forwarding to 2020 and the team have been trying to go through all evidence we have gathered from our investigations in 2019 as well as out gathering new evidence from investigations we are conducting this year our most recent one being an investigation we conducted whilst joining an event held by another team the location was small but has thrown up some very interesting evidence for us to go through with direct responses and spirit box responses and a great piece of video footage caught not only on our founder Russell's camera but also caught on our founder Dan's camera from a different angle.

the team planned to host our second event on the 20th march but sadly due to the current pandemic situation that has sadly hit our earthly plain and already taken the lives of many around the world the venue has had to close under government advice as I am sure many venues have had to do which is completely understandable however the team will continue to do what we do and find other places we can investigate that are safe to do so...

In the mean time we are aiming to start getting all of our new evidence uploaded and have a revamp of our website soon.

3 Nov 2019

What have we been up to?

Following our tag team investigation with members from Morris & Anderson paranormal on the 5th October the P.A.S.S team hosted a Paranormal talk and Ghost walk in Avebury on the 26th October the evening was a success and all funds raised have been donated to charity comments and reviews from some of the guest have been posted on the testimonies page of the website and all the evidence we have captured from our investigations and during the ghost walk are being reviewed ready for uploading onto the site along with some short footage from the talk.
18 Sep 2019

what's coming for the team

What's ahead for the team?

Well this coming friday 20th sept we have a very special investigation at a location that's never been done before this grade 2 listed building holds many treats in store and we hope to capture them first hand.

Following this we have a follow up of evidence to share with the management of our recent location and we will be teaming up with another Paranormal group Morris & Anderson Paranormal who are taking a road trip which we are looking forward to teaming up with them on Saturday 5th Oct so we are hoping we can capture some more great evidence from the location during the tag team investigation.

All the evidence we have captured recently will be uploaded shortly for all to see so please pop back to check it out.

Russ champ Founder/lead Investigator